Tech Tip Tuesday: Fixing Flats

Today Geoff takes us through a flat repair and gives us pointers on how to avoid common mistakes and pinched tubes.

Find out what you have been doing wrong when changing tires and how you can make life easier.


When the ice cracks and the birds return, the furry Canadian knows the first signs of spring have come. It's time to break out the flip-flops, shorts and zip-up hoodie, the traditional attire of the spring Canadian. It's also time for the biggest spring sale on Bikes and Accessories in all the land — The Major Rager.

It all began many moons ago in the far-away time of 2018. We looked ahead at the spring that would come and asked ourselves how to get it going with a bang. The weather was going to be pretty nice (according to the Cloud-Wizards and their ancient doppler maps), and the winter had been bitter cold. Riders wanted to put away their Fat Bikes and get back on their steeds: Santa Cruz Hightowers and Bronsons; Norco Sights and Optics; Devinci Spartans; and old crusty bikes left in the backyard. They wanted to Ride

So we took all the best bikes that were lonely and sad because they had no riders and they were from the previous year. These poor souls needed a home, so we cooked up a wonderous two-day extravaganza. 

With TENTS! And balloons tied to fingers that gripped new handlebars. Clearouts across the board: bikes, clothing, tools, and everything a rider could crave. 

It was such a wonderful time, and we decided to do it again. We decided to do it every year. Now it's back. The season is on. 

March 14 & 15 we'll be playing our favourite game: putting riders on bikes. We'll have stuff on sale that'll make your eyes water — maybe from emotion, and we won't judge you. 

Calgary Cycle Pure 32 Hour Sale - The Hobgoblin

This weekend marks the return of the 32 Hour sale at our Canyon Meadows Drive location. This means its the first time the award for the hardest working employee is up for grabs; The Hobgoblin.

This means its the first time the award for the hardest working employee is up for grabs; The Hobgoblin.

Norco Bikes In Store and Online

We are proud to announce our partnership with Norco Bikes. To kick off our relationship with one of Canada's best bike brands we have some pretty amazing deals! 

Weather you are looking for a XC machine or bike park killer we have a deal on a Norco for you. 

Norco Range A2 

MSRP: $4,600.00   // Sale Price: $3,699.99

Norco Optic 7.2

MSRP: $6,800.00   // Sale Price: $4,499.99

Norco Sight A3 

MSRP: $3,599.00  // Sale Price: $3,199.99

Deals are available both in-store or online! Free Shipping on all Purchases over $200.00


The Grand Climbduro

The Grand Climbduro is our inaugural event located in Bragg Creek, Alberta. It represents everything that the Climbduro team believes. Simply stated, no single type of cycling rules the roost. With so many different types of terrain and styles of bikes, it comes down to a rider and a mountain.

So pick your weapon of choice and saddle up. It is all uphill from here…


Let’s talk this puzzle out.

The neutralized road start @ 25KMPH will tour you gently through the Bragg Creek Provincial Park. Turning onto Highway 66 the pressure ramps up. Still, a controlled ride, the pace car accelerates three times in the first 3KM, with the final speed being 50KMPH… Get the idea? Sounds like a great place to be on a road bike. Hmmm…

This pressure cooker leads the group to the bottom of the first timed section: Moose Mountain Road – 7.5KM of dirt and 500 vertical meters of UP! Now, the KOM on this bounces between riders on road bikes and XC MTB bikes. What to pick??? At the top of the road you will find the end of the first timed section, nutrition, aid and washrooms. As much as you would like to spend the rest of the day here watching the joy on other riders faces, you need to be strategic as there is a 4hr time cut-off to get back to the finish… and… you still have the penultimate climb to the summit!

When you ride on, you will turn into the High Country to tackle the Moose Summit. After a short transitional downhill, with lots of sharp rocks (watch out for flats if you are on Road or CX bikes), you start your second-time section. Another 500M of vertical in only 5KM! Flowy and smooth at the bottom, this turns into a brutal pitch with an entirely rocky and super technical surface and aggressive switchbacks to the summit. Ouch. Without a doubt, a fatter tire will rule this section, or be prepared to run. The summit is the end of the last timed section and the top of the Climbzilla KOM. Will you be 1st? Will you make it?

By now you will have the shakes and your timed section is complete. The descent back to the aid station you passed earlier is gnarly and will require your full attention. Other riders will be tackling the climb, so cheer them on but give right of way… Be careful but enjoy the 27KM of mixed terrain downhill. Throw high fives with your pals all the way because all you need to do now is arrive at the finish before the 4-hour time-cutoff. It will not be awesome if you get to the top super fast but you flat three times and need to walk out and miss the cut.

Oh, one more thing, you need to be self-supporting in regards to any mechanicals. We will have tubes, tires, and a mechanic at the base of the Moose Summit to help, but please be prepared to keep yourself rolling.

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