Tech Tip Tuesday: Adjusting Brake Calipers

Geoff teaches you how to get the squeaking out of your brakes and how to re-align your calipers


Time to get rid of that squeaking once and for all.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Front Derailleur Adjustment

Geoff teaches you how to adjust your front derailer in the latest Tech Tip Tuesday

Avoid simple mistakes with all Geoffs helpful hints.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Derailleur Adjustment

Geoff takes us through a derailleur adjustment

He teaches you tips and tricks to easily fix your derailleur and get your ride running smoothly again

Tech Tip Tuesday: Wheel True

Today Geoff takes us through a wheel true on a customers front wheel and shows us how to maintain proper spoke tension throughout the process.

Find out the best tips and tricks for truing your wheel and some common mistakes that beginner true-ers make.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Fixing Flats

Today Geoff takes us through a flat repair and gives us pointers on how to avoid common mistakes and pinched tubes.

Find out what you have been doing wrong when changing tires and how you can make life easier.

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